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Aftermath Construction is a family owned business.  Fernando Loera has over 30 years in construction and Cynthia Serrano, has the management background with a Bachelor’s degree in General Business Administration.  The father daughter team decided to expand the handyman business into a General Construction business in 2015. 


Fernando worked alongside his father in his teenage years.  Learning the “tricks of the trade”, professional values, and takes pride in his work.  Fernando is on site at jobs to ensure customer satisfaction and building standards are met.

As a family team, they work together to resolve any foreseeable issues and together ensure customer satisfaction. Fernando has in depth construction experience and knowledge and works closely with counter parts to ensure customer satisfaction. They are a large family and understand what a home needs to make enjoyable memories no matter how large or small.



Fernando brings 35 years of hands on construction experience to the company.  He is responsible for the supervising and ensuring all building standards are met.  He specializes in Operations and Project Management.

Vice President

Cynthia’s experience in the construction industry is 15 years professionally, however she has been working alongside her father since she was a child.  She has an accounting and human resources background and is responsible for administrative tasks and overall company planning.

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