Aftermath Construction knows the purchase of new flooring for your home is an investment. With our expert installation crew, we can guarantee the best possible outcome. You have no need to worry about any mistakes or shortcuts being done when it comes time to installing or fixing your flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

We know that purchasing a hardwood floor is a big investment, and one that can add a lot of value, functionality and style to your home. We install a large variety of wood floor products, we take our commitment to you and your home seriously and guaranty our work. Our wide selection means that the hardest part about shopping with us will be deciding which option you like best. Our experienced staff will help you decide on the right floor for you and your home.


Carpet Flooring

Selecting the right carpet for your lifestyle is key. There are several factors that determine the superiority, the class, the value, the worth and therefor the quality of Carpet. The type of fiber, the quality of materials, the amount of materials and the way it is constructed. We will help you in understanding and selecting the right carpet based on your desires, requirements and lifestyle. Carpet is undoubtedly the warmest, most inviting flooring option you can choose. We are proud to offer carpeting and bring you more options and expertise.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring combines natural looking designs with a tough, durable finish and can be used in almost any area of the home. Laminate floors also offer realistic designs and can replicate the characteristics of the popular hand-scraped hardwood floors and stone flooring. Low maintenance requirements and durability are not all that laminate floors can possess. Laminate is the best flooring solution for those who enjoy the look of real wood or stone, but want a more affordable option. Today’s laminate floors are made to match its natural counterparts, but the texture as well. Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for our customers who are remodeling on a budget, but still want appealing flooring. We offers laminate options that go beyond the customers’ expectations, to deliver many variations. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to the color, style, design, and shape of your ideal laminate flooring.


Tile Flooring

Enjoy one of nature's finest gifts in your home! This is a great option as a flooring covering. It has resiliency to staining, wear and tear and is great for high traffic situations, design styles to match any decor, and it is extremely easy to install or repair. With its limited upkeep and maintenance, and excellent durability, tile provides a great cost effective solution for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. Our mission is to provide professional tile service that offers excellent workmanship with attention to detail for all your tile remodeling needs.